Action Free From the Pressure To Act

At every moment, we carry the weight of many subtle pressures: to be the ideal man/woman, worker, son, brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend.  We have carried them so long that we may not even notice them anymore.  But it is possible to become aware of, and then, drop the debilitating pressures, feeling the mind and body release them from itself.

This feels truly liberating.  It does not mean abandoning our responsibilities, but rather, letting go of the pressures that stress us out unnecessarily.  Then we can take action with less hindrances from our own mind.

This action is still responsible action, but it is action freed of a mountain of useless mental baggage.  Of course, we do not drop these subtle pressures once and for all.  We must let go again and again, in order to act free from the pressure to act.

If, when firing an arrow from a bow, our mind focuses on launching the arrow and the pressure to hit the target, then our attention is divided.  Our arrow flies off course.  But if we drop the pressure and simply release the arrow, it hits the target with far greater ease.  So it is helpful and wiser to drop the insane pressure to meet ideals and simply to act in the way that seems best to us in the present moment.


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