As long as I cling to ideologies, self-deceptions, and fancies, my life remains inauthentic.  Living an authentic life means daring to be honest and willing to let myself be vulnerable to new ideas and experiences.   It means facing the facts, however they come.  The more I open myself up, the more space I leave…


Some days, insights are rare, and you feel like you see the same things with old eyes.  On other days, insights seem to flow into the mind in rapid succession, brightening your vision with new light.  In the light of insight, the same things appear transformed, fresh, new.

Seeing You as You

Finally free from enclosure in my own fears and worries, I can truly see you, not as an object or a means to my ends, but a genuine person with unique concerns, thoughts, feelings, and values.  I can appreciate you as having as much importance and value as my own self.  I can relate to…


Courage is the quality of being willing to face and embrace challenges.   In courage, the willingness is moderate and reasonable, whereas it is excessive in rashness and deficient in cowardice.  Courage is not being without fear, but facing what one must despite the fear.

The Sudden Absence of Fear

In the sudden absence of fear and insecurity, there is an incredible clarity.  Everything in the world seems lighter and clearer, more sharply in focus.  The aura of terror that once surrounded things and people is gone, and only the things remain.  And in this state, we see that they were never really scary at…

The Teaching Profession

Teaching is for me an almost ideal profession.  Yes, it is exhausting, stressful, and (in terms of mere money) poorly paying.  However, it is also transformative.  It forces me to face my limitations, fears, and insecurities and grow.  It forces me to be bold, to dare to care, to practice compassion.  It asks me to…


The feeling of readiness dawns with incredible clarity and power.  Before, there was doubt and a feeling of delay, but now, there is decisiveness.  Only when I feel truly ready can I be decisive.

Not-feeling Revealing Past Feeling

Sometimes it takes the realization that we no longer feel something to reveal that we ever felt that thing in the first place.  I learned this lesson when it occurred to me that I am not afraid of my high school students.  In seeing that, I also saw that I had been afraid before.

Caring as Daring and Confidence as Competence

Caring takes daring; dare to care. The key to real confidence is competence.  Learning to do something well inspires belief in our own ability, which in turn manifests as confidence.

Consequentialist Virtue Ethics

My ethical position is consequentialist virtue ethics. I believe the rightness or wrongness of an action should be determined by its consequences. In everyday life, I make decisions based on a virtue ethics that aims to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom. As it turns out, wise, mindful, and compassionate actions are also those (in general)…