Thich Nhat Hanh’s Ethic

Thich Nhat Hanh suggests in No Death, No fear that we should act in ways that minimize the generation of additional suffering and promote the alleviation of suffering in our daily lives as much as possible.  Of course, life lives on death; this is the archetypal mystery that is perennially expressed in so many of…

The Black Bloc

Contrary to news reports, “The Black Bloc” is not the name of the anarchist group responsible for the mayhem in Toronto during the G20 protests in June, 2010. This was clearly a false name they gave to the reporters and police to protect the real identity of their group from judicial inquiry. The falseness of…

Capture your Insights

You know all of those great ideas that come to you in the shower or on the bus or while walking somewhere? Write them down! Don’t let your valuable insights go to waste; they are beautiful expressions of your unique humanness and part of what you have to contribute to the world.  Grant yourself a…

Slavoj Zizek’s Philosophical Method

There are two main things that makes Slavoj Zizek’s philosophical method so refreshing: (1) its synthesizing nature (combining ideas from sources as disparate as Lacan, Hegel, Kant, Marx, and pop culture) and (2) its tendency to take received truths, reverse them, and then examine ways in which these inverted truths might also be true.

The Cardinal Archetypes of Our Lives

Each of us has certain archetypes that resonate with us and seem to draw us towards them. I call these the “cardinal archetypes” of our lives. Consciously or unconsciously, we all act in ways that bring us closer to embodying some archetypes and farther from embodying others. In my case, the archetype that most drew…

The Book of Archetypes

The Book of Archetypes has not yet fully been written, that is to say that new archetypes continue to emerge as the collective human experience changes. As qualities and new circumstances crystallize into roles, new archetypes emerge. One of the latest of these to appear is the Pop Star, a more specific form of the…

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga embodies the perfect blend of class and crass. She is at once the “Lady” of the suave fashionista and the “Gaga” of the burlesque dancer. Combined with musical talent and a market-smart, synthetic mind, it is perhaps no surprise that she has become the pop culture icon that she has.

Relationships are like Flowers

By Adam J. Pearson Relationships are like flowers; they need to be watered in order to grow. We water relationships with patience, clear communication, authenticity, thoughtfulness, vulnerability, quality time, and care. When all else fails, return to the roots, the things that made you fall in love in the first place.


Mysticism is not mesmerizing ourselves with absurd fantasies, but waking up from the the absurd fantasies with which we have been mesmerized. How refreshing it is to awaken from the dream of isolation and separation!

Trying to Attain Oneness

Trying to attain oneness with the universe and with the Divine is a waste of energy and time, for it starts from the false assumption that we are separate in the first place. If we can look past this assumption, we’ll see the oneness, the interconnectedness, the unity is already there and always was.