A Mythic Reading of the Genesis Story

Tony Paraskevez told me that the image of Cernunnos, the Celtic antlered god with a yonic torc and a phallic snake in his hands, reminded him of “man before the fall… one with the rest of Creation.”

I responded that humanity after the fall is still one with the rest of creation; it is our way of thinking that has “fallen” and caused us to lose sight of this fundamental oneness, this constant Communion that unites us with the Divine, with our fellow human beings, and with all other living creatures.

It was eating from the Tree of Knowledge that brought about the Fall in the Genesis story; this is the move into the realm of discursive reasoning with all of its dualistic categories.  With knowledge comes Power, but this power remains divisive if the insight of the Garden is not recaptured.

As a final point, before eating of the fruit of the Tree, Adam named the animals, but to him at that timeless time, it was as if he were naming aspects of his own being. After eating from the Tree, he came to see these names as dividing creation from himself.  He moved from eternity into space-time.  In fact, eternity is still here and now, but we must learn to become aware of it.


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