Humility on the Way

My dear friend Abdul Aziz told me that “they think you are a sage.;I know, I’ve seen it in their eyes and words.”  My answer was a humble one, because humility is the wisest mental standpoint we can adopt as we walk the path of life.  I told him that whether I am seen as a sage or not, I am always a beginner on the way of knowledge e in my own eyes.  However little wisdom or knowledge I have accumulated, it is a mere fraction of what there is to be known, and even this, I know not absolutely, but relatively, tentatively, provisionally.

As Goethe said, “He who cannot draw on 3000 years is living from hand to mouth.” And if we cannot at least learn lessons from history, the least we can do on the path of wisdom is to attempt to learn from the history of our own lives.


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