Lucid Dreaming

Through lucid dreaming, we have the power to generate any experience we desire. Upon realizing I was dreaming, I chose to physically fly through the city in which my dream took place. I jumped and took off into the air, soared between the buildings, experiencing everything in full colour and first-person, feeling the air rushing past my skin and clothes. It was one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life.

If you want to learn more about what lucid dreaming is and how you can learn to do it, here’s a site that can help:

For those who would like a more detailed description of the above dream, here’s one:
I was in the midst of a dream taking place in a vast city, which somewhat resembled the nearest metropolis to my house, Montreal. I was talking to some strange man about something or other when it suddenly occurred to me that I was dreaming.

Seizing the opportunity, I decided to try something I had always wanted to experience: flying. The dream was in first-person and full-colour, and to fly, I simply held the intention to fly in mind and then jumped into the air. Immediately, I shot into the air, seeing the ground leaving my feet and the bus booth getting ever smaller beneath me.

The realism of the experience blew my mind; I could feel the wind rustling my clothes and moving along my skin. I could smell the aromas of the city. I flew between the buildings, soaring, rushing past them in pure bliss… the excitement, the rush of joy, the feeling of having a “dream come true,” to put the matter somewhat playfully… it all washed over me and amazed me. I landed, and as I did, I woke up. I lay in my bed for a few minutes in the afterglow of the experience, feeling truly fulfilled and happy.

Even though this experience took place in a dream, it was one of the most meaningful and breathtaking experiences of my life.


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