On the Tendecy to Reject Monarchism

By Adam J. Pearson

Brett Graham Fawcett suggested that “the psychology of monarchism is so alien to most moderns that the sheer inability to empathize with monarchists is a greater factor in people rejecting monarchism than the arguments one way or another.”  He may have a point, but I believe that it is probably the strong valuation of democratic freedom that leads people today to reject monarchism as traditionally conceived.

In modern democracies, people want a sense that they have some say in the election of their leaders, a sense that would be taken away from them under a hereditary monarchic system.

If the system of monarchism is non-hereditary, the question that these staunch supporters of democracy would then ask is “how then are leaders elected? do we, the people, have a say in this election/selection? If not, then I’m not interested in this political system. If so, then why call them “kings?”


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