Mysticism is not mesmerizing ourselves with absurd fantasies, but waking up from the the absurd fantasies with which we have been mesmerized. How refreshing it is to awaken from the dream of isolation and separation!


One thought on “Mysticism

  1. Finally! Somone who seems to know mysticism is not an absurdity! Mysticism can now be identified, but still it is not easily attained. We fail to see what is obvious. The mystical state is simply — and we have all heard the expression and phrase — peace of mind and freedom of thought. A mystic has attained peace of mind which again, is freedom of thought.
    The individual analysis of familiar things, obvious things, things we already know, and things we take for granted, are what we must return to and once again study. Why? That’s where insight, mystical insight waits. As we all know, mystical insight is the onset of the mystical state. It is an attainable gift we give to our selves. Sadly, we have termed it mystical rather than recognizing the obvious: it is simply, peace of mind.
    Emmanuel Karavousanos
    Author, Speaker

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