Are you afraid of death?

I was asked today if I was afraid of death.  My answer may be seen as shocking by most Western human beings; it was ‘no.’  Contemplation and reflection have enabled me to see that there is no annihilation and there is no emergence from nothingness. Our true nature is of the nature of no death, no birth, no existence, no non-existence, no coming, no going. In death, there is no conscious experience, and therefore nothing negative to be experienced. The only thing that may be painful is the process of dying; this may be either sudden or prolonged. If sudden, the pain is intense but brief. If prolonged, the pain is less intense, but protracted. The former is easy to accept; it is like a very intense burn on the stovetop that suddenly ends. The latter can be accepted as well and carries great serenity in its wings. Having seen these things, and looked the body’s mortality in the face, I am not afraid of death.


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