The Dawning of An Awareness of Our Own Mortality

When we suddenly become aware of our own mortality and the realization that we will surely die hits home from the heart to the gut, we find ourselves in the midst of an experience of great power. In this moment, two options open up to us: we can escape into other things and distractions or we look the inescapable reality of our own death right in the Face.

The first option is a temporary solution; death will soon crop up within our awareness again. The second can be transformative and can open up a new mode of experience, a way of life in which the being of everything becomes clear and vibrant to us; I see that everything I experience is the fabric of my life itself. How delicious this spaghetti becomes, how precious is this moment with the one I love, how meaningful these words exchanged with friends! Facing our own death teaches us to live deeply, fully, and with great mindfulness.


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