The Cost of Truth: A 1-Paragraph Short Story by Adam Pearson

There once was a beautiful and contemplative young woman who desired something exquisite to ornament her home, some object which would embody her higher aspirations and symbolize her deper values. While perusing the items on offer at a loca…l home decorating store, she found what she was looking for: a set of beautifully cut and varnished wooden letters. They read “Truth.” She brought them to the cashier and innocencently asked him “what is the cost of “truth?” The teller looked at her solmenly and said “sacrificing the bliss of ignorance in exchange for the burden of knowledge.” She stood with mouth agape for a moment. Then the trickster cashier burst into a fit of laughter and said “I’m just kidding, that’s $8.99.”

The End.


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