On the Dawning of Hope

Life and love seem so bleak in the aftermath of breakups.. and these feelings of deepest sadness and despair that we feel rush through our lives with such intensity upon the severing of ties with those we loved… butthe leaves on the trees continue to turn red and yellow with autumn, and the flowers continue to grow, and the children continue to laugh, and we continue along with all of the beautiful whirlings and movements of the current of life. For they say that the night is darkest before the dawn, and it is only an all-consuming darkness that can give birth to a time of new and tender and beautiful light…the awakening of a the Sun from the slumber of Night. And so, we must accept our pain and work through our true feelings, but know deeply, inwardly, that a new Dawn will come… that Light will shine again, and the darkness will fall away once more.


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