Being and Nonduality

We first have sensations. The brain sorts the sensations based on intuited differences. The mind then uses memory and concepts to label the differences and distinguish the objects. It then reifies the concepts and projects them onto sensation. And this is how we come to see the world as dual through the lenses of our own thoughts and become estranged from the seamless unity of reality prior to perception.

By simply resting as awareness, attending not to the thoughts, but to the aware, awake space between the thoughts, we realize once more the original seamless unity.  However, it is not ‘recognized’ by the mind, not labeled as an ‘object.’ It knows itself in silence.

Separation is in thought; seamlessness is in reality. And this is the beautiful paradox, the Great Mystery: every living, diverse form from every day life, from the trees to the sky and the people with whom we live, is none other than the “One without a second…”


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