On Pride and Confidence

Pride is an exaggeration of confidence. Wise confidence is a measure of one’s ability, knowledge, experience, and place within the universe. Pride is an exaggeration of confidence based on these things. When we say that there is value in some pride, what we really mean is there is value in balanced, appropriate confidence.

When people are overconfident, we say they are proud. This false pride, false because it does not correspond to the facts of the matter, can be beneficial for some (by giving rise to productive courage) and detrimental for others (leading to disappointment and annoyance and dislike from others).  Balanced confidence can also give rise to courage while remaining true to the facts of reality, and is therefore, more closely aligned with reality.  Therefore, it seems that proper confidence is more beneficial and honest than exaggerated pride, and therefore, the wiser choice of the two.


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