On the Inconsistency of Most Individual Relativists

I’ve never met a consistent individual relativist in my life. The same person who claims in one breath that “what’s wrong is only what’s wrong for you…” complains about being lied to in the next, attacks the perpetrators of genocide in Darfur, and lashes out at rapists and pedophiles. One can hold the view of individual relativism or criticize others, but one cannot consistently do both.

Most of the people who claim to be individual relativists have no difficulty saying that “it’s all relative,” but yet, act as if there are moral standards that apply to more than just the individual. They yell at their boyfriend for cheating on them, they criticize their coworker for stealing their sale, they insist on being told the truth.  For them, there is a difference between what they claim to believe and what they actually act on.


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