The Bondage and Exploitation of the ‘Land of the Free’

The United States is often called ‘land of the free,’ a freedom founded on the bondage and exploitation of American native peoples, a ‘land of the free’ that put innocent Japanese Americans into concentration camps on American soil during WWII and which commanded Korean soldiers to kill eighty thousand of the three hundred thousand Cheju islanders who protested the division of the Korean peninsula between Japan and the United States in 1945.

Yes, the U.S. does provide freedom of opportunity–to those who can afford it, that is–but it has also been involved in a history rife with abuse, submitting others to its will, segregation, slavery, and genocide. The freedom of the ‘land of free’ has historically been tinged with irony and domestic and international behaviour that supported the very antithesis of freedom.

This and the above picture are taken from the Japanese American Internment Camps


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