“How do I become one with the universe?”

The assumption of the question “how do I become one with the universe?” is that we are separate from it to begin with. This is not only not the case, but impossible. On every level, we exist only in interrelationship with everything else in the universe. Human existence depends on nonhuman existence.

We are physically, physiologically, psychologically, sociologically, psychologically, culturally, biologically, and ecologically interdependent. Separateness is only an idea and not a fact. Certainly, we appear distinct, but we only exist together with the rest of the universe. Many things, beings, causes, and conditions depend on us and we depend on countless other things, causes, and conditions.

For this reason, it is not exactly true to say that we ‘are’; rather, we ‘inter-are.’ When we look deeply into the realities of interdependence and interrelationship, the delusion of separateness begins to lose its hold. Then we begin to see that we were never anything but one with all of the universe and the multitudes of beings it contains.


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