On The Teaching of Emptiness (Sunyata)

The teaching of emptiness (sunyata) declares that all things are empty of their own, separate being.  Nothing stands alone with its own separate self-nature.  All things are empty in this way.

Emptiness is not an absolute truth, however; rather, it is a tool to get us to drop the illusion of separateness and self-existence. Once we do that, we need to see that emptiness is itself empty of its own being. It is just as interdependent as all distinct forms. This means that there is no contradiction between emptiness and the manifold beautiful forms of the natural world.

Emptiness and the distinct forms are equally real. Only now that we have had the insight of emptiness, we can deeply appreciate things in a way we could not before. This is so because we now see that they are not separate in their being, but exist in a wonderful web of interdependent relationships. Each thing is distinct and beautiful in its own right and totally one with everything else, not separate for an instant.

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