If You’re Going to Bother Doing Something, Do it Deeply

If you’re going to bother doing something, do it deeply.

“Deeply” means mindfully and with great attention, focused emotion, and full awareness.  It means acting with our full being, rather than only part or the surface of it.  It means bringing our full awareness to whatever we are doing and being thorough.

Live deeply, think deeply, feel deeply, look deeply, listen deeply, speak deeply, taste deeply, doubt deeply, question deeply, work deeply, eat deeply, love deeply, care deeply, understand deeply, know deeply, feel compassion deeply, share deeply, be mindful deeply.  Whatever you must do, try to do it as deeply as you can.  Bring your full being to it and greet it in its own full being.

The more deeply you live, the less superficial your life becomes and the more fulfilling as well.

When we live deeply, we deepen our positive impact on others and invite them to drink deeply from the well of life along with us.

A single person’s decision to embrace life deeply is like a stone hitting the surface of the pond; it creates ripples and ripples of depth in the whole world around that person through their interactions with other people, other beings, and their natural environment.

Living deeply means taking nothing for granted; to live deeply, we must appreciate deeply.

Living deeply also means being deeply present in this moment, tasting the reality of here and now very thoroughly and intimately.  It means being intimate with now, fully present with what is in this moment without pushing anything away or clinging to it.

Living deeply is liberating; it liberates us from superficiality, from taking things for granted, from a large part of our suffering, from feeling unfulfilled, from a sense of meaninglessness, from a sense of purposelessness, from cruelty, from treating others as means, from abusing our environment, and from a large part of our ignorance.   Shallowness creates new fetters; depth sets us free.

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