On 1 Hour Photo

1 Hour Photo
is a powerful and disturbing film about the meaning of photos in our lives, images generally, the impact of abuse, loneliness, desperation, families, desire and yearnings, appreciation for what we have, the small details in life, and many other significant themes.

I highly recommend it for the quality of its acting, the depth of its content, the excellent directing, and emotional power of its scenes, and the striking, disturbed beauty of its use of colour.

‎”If pictures have anything to say, it’s this: I was here, I existed. I
was young and happy and someone cared enough about me to take my
picture. ” –Robin Williams as Sy in 1 Hour Photo

Most people don’t take snapshots of the little things. The used Band-Aid, the guy at the gas station, the wasp on the Jell-O. But these are the things that make up the true picture of our lives. People don’t take pictures of these things” –Robin Williams as Sy in 1 Hour Photo


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