Happiness Here, Where Life Is

Happiness Here, Where Life Is
by Adam Pearson

If you don’t find happiness
In this very place,
At this very time,
Then you never will–
For your life is nowhere else but here
And nowhen else but now.

Only the conditions you place on happiness
Keep you unhappy;
Remove the conditions,
Drop the “if only’s…”
And you’ll slowly begin to find joy
In the wonders that are already here,
Already now.

When happiness has no conditions upon it
Then nearly anything can trigger joy–
The scent of a flower,
The play of a child,
The  hue of the sky,
The warmth of a smile.

I used to complain
While washing dishes
Each night at the restaurant,
But now I do not wish to be
Anywhere else but where I am,
And so the dishes are no problem,
The washing is no problem,
And this moment is wonderful,
Just as it is.

I did not know it before,
But there is great joy in the warmth of the water,
Joy in the scent of the soap,
Joy in the graceful movements,
Of the dance of the washing.

Anything you do can become your bliss,
If you are open to it.

It is your mind that turns causes of joy
Into causes of sorrow and frustration.

Check the ‘problem-making mind,’
Drop the conditions on your joy,
And you’ll find it here and now,
In this very moment.

If you postpone your happiness,
Even for a second,
You’ll never catch up to it.

Fulfillment flows in and out of the now,
But it is like a minnow in the ocean-
It flashes past in a second,
And if you aren’t watching closely,
You’ll miss it.

Therefore, focus intensely
On the fullness of the now,
And catch the minnow
With a single look.

When we complain
And bemoan,
We miss the wonder of the now.

We become like treasure-hunters
Who whine about their poverty
And lack of success
While standing on a giant heap
Of endless gold and jewels,
Endless diamonds,
Countless sapphires,
And wealth upon wealth beyond measure.

Oh dear, sweet friends,
I beg you,
Please dig up the treasures
That are buried in the now–

Wherever you are,
Whomever you’re with,
Whatever you’re doing,
Embrace the wonder of being in that moment.

Just to live is an unspeakable wonder,
Just to breathe can throw you into bliss.

Open yourself fully,
Dive deeply into the now,
And you’ll find riches beyond description,
Joy too deep for words,
Happiness beyond what sages have ever expressed.

So please listen, dear friends, to my final secret:
You are what you seek,
And everything you need to be happy is here right now.
Wake up to the richness of this moment,
Whatever you find in it,
And you’ll find the wonder that you are,
And the glory of the world you call your home.


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