The Storms of the Oceanheart

One can feel so sure, and yet so lost;
So content, and yet so restless;
So loving, and yet so aversive;
So present with friends, and yet so lonely;
So sad, and yet so hopeful.
The human heart is a vast ocean,
Which can be beautifully still one moment
And rapidly ruptured by violent waves the next.
How long it can take to calm the tempests that rage within the heart,
And how wondrous and painful they can be…

The storms within the human heart are universal;
Nearly all human beings have felt them at least once,
And most of us encounter them again and again.

To wisely relate to these storms in ourselves and others takes patience,
We must calmly wait them out, just as we wait out external storms.
It also takes compassion, both for others, and for ourselves;
It does no good to be hard on ourselves and others in the midst of internal toil–
A listening ear, an open attitude and a kind gesture can help far more than  a sharp word.

Just as an agitated stream becomes clear when left alone,
So does the heart settle when given time and space.
Patience, understanding and compassion–
These things are the fruits of wisely relating to our inner storms,
But they are also gained through practice,
Not bestowed from on high.
And therefore, let us practice, even if we fall and fail ten thousand times,
For success may lie in wait in the ten thousand and first attempt.


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