Everyone Speaks and Acts from the Best of their Knowledge and the Extent of their Experience

When I meet someone, there is an insight that I like to keep in mind.  I may be tempted to rush to judgment, to dismiss or exclude the person I am encountering or to react and get angry at them.  How can I do so, however, if I relate to them on a plane of understanding and care?

So, I try to bear in mind these words and tell myself: “whatever this person before me is saying or doing, it is a reflection of the whole life they have lived, the best of their knowledge, the history of their conditioning, and the extent of their experience. So, understand, care, and be patient.”

When we are aware that others, like us, are speaking and acting from the best of their knowledge and the extent of their experience, we can more readily be understanding and compassionate.  And when we are understanding and compassionate, we can more easily discover all of the wonderful aspects of the person that we never would have known had we simply rushed into judging and dismissing them.


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