I’m Not an Enlightened Sage, I’m an Ordinary Dog

I’m not an enlightened sage,
I’m an ordinary dog.
Sometimes, I’m a barking dog.
Sometimes, I’m a jumpy, excited dog.
Sometimes, I’m a randy dog humping your leg.
Sometimes, I’m a comforting dog,
Resting my head on your leg when you’re sad.
Sometimes, I’m a peaceful dog nestled by the fire.
Sometimes, I’m a determined dog gnawing on a philosophical bone.
Sometimes, I’m a fast dog chasing wolves through the forest.
Sometimes, I’m an exhausted dog, still and sleeping on the sheets.
Sometimes, I’m a hungry dog anxious for his food.
Sometimes, I’m a confused dog, dazed, not comprehending.
At each moment, I simply respond to the environment.
What else can I do?


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