Two Kinds of Criticism: Compassionate and Angry

Just because we strive to cultivate compassion and understanding, does not mean we cannot criticize injustices and folly.

Criticism motivated by compassion and understanding carries a greater, more constructive weight than criticism driven by mere anger.  The first is like a loving parent correcting an erring child.  The second is like a child throwing a tantrum.

Wisdom and care inform the first kind of criticism; knee-jerk hostility colours the second.  The first type is a carefully-considered response; the second is an offhand reaction.

People who are deeply compassionate and understanding are not pushovers, nor are they fools. They do not allow the world to walk over them, nor do they watch uncritically as injustices are perpetrated and falsehoods are passed off as truth.  However, it is the underlying motivation that drives their criticism that sets them apart.  Theirs is a patience and a care there that transcends mere fury and indignation.


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