A Guided Meditation Experiment in Allowing: Try This and See What You Feel

By Adam J. Pearson

Try an experiment with me.
All you need for the experiment is whatever you are presently feeling or thinking.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

The experiment is this:
Sit up straight and relax your breathing.
Rest your arms lightly on your arm-rests or legs if you do not have arm rests.
Simply allow your feelings to arise.
Whatever you are feeling, let it come up without resistance.
Pleasant or unpleasant, positive or negative. It doesn’t matter.
Let it come up. Let it be there.
Sit with the feeling for a moment.

When you are ready, move on to your present thoughts.
Simply allow your thoughts to arise, whatever they are.
It doesn’t matter what they are about.
Just let the thoughts come up. Let them be there.
Sit with these present thoughts and feelings for a moment.
Just, quietly observe whatever is coming up.
And let it be.
Just be aware of the thoughts and feelings and let them be.
What do you observe? How does your body respond?

You can try this ‘allowing’ exercise with the body too.
Sit up straight and rest your arms gently.
Gently become aware of your feet as you sit.
Feel whatever sensations are there in your feet.
Do not resist them.
Just allow the sensations to be there.
Then become aware of your legs, while keeping your feet grounded.
Feel whatever sensation are present in your legs.
Then move up to your groin region and do the same.
Then your abdomen.
Even if there is tension there, just allow it to be there and keep your attention on it.
Then move up to your chest.
Then your neck.
Then your face and head.
Then your upper arms.
Then your lower arms and hands.
Then expand your focus to include your whole body at the same time and allow whatever sensations are there to just be present.
Sit with whatever your body is feeling.
You don’t need to do anything but just be aware of whatever your body is feeling here and now.
Stay with this for as long as is comfortable.
What do you observe? How does your body react to this process? What do you feel?


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