The Ocean Universe

By Adam J. Pearson

Our universe can be pictured as a vast ocean of various systems of waves constantly arising, subsiding, and changing shape. All forms of all kinds from galaxies to planets to ecosystems to populations to organisms to organ systems to organs to tissues to molecules to atoms to sub-atomic particles and even energy itself, all things that exist… all arise, persist for a while while changing form, and subside again.

For a time, we fight off entropy by continuously adding food energy into our bodies, but eventually, entropy increases to the point where our bodies can no longer function. We die and our bodies disperse. This is not a tragic event; it’s just another moment of transformation in the universe’s grand unfolding.

The universe wastes nothing, recycles all. Even our bodies are woven out of ancient elements and connected down through the generations of life through the common thread of DNA. When our bodies cease to function, the elements that make us up will take on new forms and reshuffle to form the beings of the future. The exquisite interrelationships that link all things boggle the mind. We can understand as much as we can, but beyond that, we can only sit, speechless, baffled, lost in wonder and awe…


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