We Have an Equal Right to Be Here

By Adam J. Pearson

Whether I am happy or unhappy signifies absolutely nothing. A vast universe in which I am but an insignificant speck whirls around me, indifferent to my human plight. I live only for a flickering nanosecond in the grand river of time. And when I am dead and gone, nothing significant will change.

And yet, I must not give into despair. I must look into the vastness of a universe that cares nothing for me and laugh. I must rage, rage against the dying of the light and fight on for my own right to be here. For just as no being stands out as more valuable than any other in an absolute sense, so does every being have an equal right to be here, to exist. We have an equal right to claim our place. So let us claim it.

No matter how sadness and fear and anger and desperation may push us down, we must push back twice as hard and claim our right to exist, to be a part of this world and the grand and beautiful cosmic improbability that is life…


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