We Love Because We Have No Choice

By Adam J. Pearson

With a thundering crack,
We break down the middle and the light pours out,
Splashing over everything.

Is there nothing that cannot be loved?
Our flaws are glorious features,
To love and to adore.

Uncaring about humiliation
Or embarrassment,
We dance around like drunken fools.

The seekers spend hours with their scriptures,
But we laugh and relax, carefree.

We love them all,
All of their movements in the cosmic dance,
All of their pieces in the grand jigsaw of being,
Everything in its proper place,
Beautiful smiles and beautiful tears,
Babies and dark funerals.

Let them all be, we welcome all!
Nothing is left out of the embrace of love
Unhindered by hidden motives.

We love not to gain,
But because we have no choice.


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