Revel in the Ordinary

By Adam J. Pearson

Aspire to revel in the beautiful ordinariness of life. When you find wonder in the ordinary, you’ll discover that the ordinary can itself be extraordinary. Everyday tasks start to take on a new light, a new wonderful quality. Things you do every day, like washing the dishes or making your bed, seem somehow fulfilling.

You begin to feel awe at the fact that there is anything at all and that you are lucky enough to exist and be here to witness the universe’s ongoing evolution. Don’t postpone your happiness until some distant time in the future that never arrives, seek your satisfaction and happiness in what you are doing right here, right now. If you do this, you’ll that happiness and fulfillment can be achieved right where you are.

A monk asked Zhaozhou to teach him.
Zhaozhou asked, “Have you eaten your meal?”
The monk replied, “Yes, I have.”
“Then go wash your bowl”, said Zhaozhou.
At that moment, the monk was enlightened.

–From the Mumonkan (Gateless Gate) (13th c.)


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