To Say Much With Little: Fourteen Aphorisms on Life

By Adam J. Pearson

1. When I looked for the ultimate reality through thought, I lost myself in dreams and imagination; when I turned to silence, the truth beyond “me” was laid bare.

2. Knowledge is of the past; imagining is based on the memory of knowledge; Being is now.

3. Apparent opposites inhere within one another like the black and white dots in the glyph of the yin-yang; about what’s beyond polarities, nothing can be said.

4. When the lenses of blurry ideas care removed, the world comes into sharper focus.

5. When confusion dissipates, thought simplifies and clarifies itself; when thought simplifies and clarifies itself, confusion dissipates.

6. A mind uncluttered of cobwebs can think more efficiently than one bound up in them. A clear mind thinks when thought is needed and drops into silence when not.

7. A man walks best when he gets out of his own way.

8. A lighter pack is easier to carry than one that has been filled with the stones of the beliefs of others.

9. Unquestioned hypotheses crystallize into dogmas.

10. The question is the grand de-stabilizer, the explosive that blows up the structures  that appear sturdy only in order to hide their real fragility.

11. In the midst of failure, only two words are needed to germinate the first seed of success: “I can.”

12. Courage only arises in the midst of danger; we gain when we have something to lose.

13. Courage can be uncovered, discovered, and recovered; it is a loan with no interest, a gem we find not outside, but inside of ourselves.

14.  To be able to express much with few words is the art of the poet and the challenge of the philosopher.


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