Waves of Freedom: Acceptance and the Power of Change

By Adam J. Pearson

Every personality trait, every action, every word has a story behind it.  The stories trace themselves through years of actions, reactions, encounters, and situations, each with their own stories and chains of cause and effect behind them.

We are often quick to judge others and forget the sequences of events that made them who they are, but we tend to give ourselves a benefit of the doubt that we do not allow to others.  We can loosen our grip and let go of our harsh reactions as we come to understand the long paths that have brought us all to where we stand today.

Understanding gives rise to acceptance, acceptance to forgiveness, forgiveness to compassion, compassion to freedom from suffering, freedom from suffering to serenity, and serenity to peace.  This, too, is a natural progression of cause and effect, a story in the making.

It is up to you to take up the pen and write this story for yourself with your actions and words, for you are its hero; its ending is the transformation not only of yourself, but also of the world around you.  This is a transformation, a metamorphosis of growth that sends out waves through the encounters that people have with you.

The growth picks up power and momentum like a sweeping tidal wave; each small action and small water drop that is swept up in its flow adds to its magnificent grandeur and energy.  Small actions have large impacts; look inside and discover that you are already the hero that can set these waves in motion.  It is only up to you to act based on who you really and already are.


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