Inner Peace is the Space in Which the Conflicts Appear

By Adam J. Pearson

One of the greatest things I ever learned
was that the peace I sought
was always here
within me
(and the same is true
for you

It’s that space in which all the noise,
the thoughts,
and the crazy feelings appear.

It’s the backdrop
of the cacophony,
the ‘sound and the fury,’
the buzz and the bang
of life.

It’s here right now,
We know this,
Because we can learn to notice it
and rest in it,
Because we know that
every sound needs a backdrop of silence to be heard.
and every inner conflict needs a background of peace
and stillness
to be noticed.

If you’re feeling upset,
or caught in the searching,
If you’re hurting
Or missing
Or feeling as if
There’s a hole
In your heart
Turn from the content
to the container
and you’ll find the peace you seek.

Turn from the noise
to the space in which it is heard,
From the sights
to the clarity in which they are noticed.

That’s where the peace lies, in the in-between.

Inner peace is the screen
on which the pictures
and sounds
and thoughts
and feelings
of your life
are projected.

It’s the space in which they pop into being
and blaze brightly for a moment
before fizzling out into the emptiness
from which they sprang.


It’s the field from which
and in which
all arises,
but which does not,

It’s a wide-open space
without past or future,
only a now.

It’s here this instant;
it’s the space in which
you read these words.

It’s the space in which
you think these thoughts.

It’s the capacity in which
your soft feelings drift
your hard feelings clang,
and your inner life shifts.

It’s the space in which
You see
You hear
You taste
You touch
You feel.

It’s the space in which
Your life takes place.

It can’t be disturbed;
all disturbances
are only waves along
its boundless sea.
As from the ocean,
They rise and they fall,
But the water remains untouched. 

This is your peace.
This is the calm you seek.
This peace is your true home
and more…
your true self.


Photography by Randy Scott Slavin. 


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