Hard Times – A Rap

By Adam J. Pearson


Ten years ago, I was in a local rap group with Ali Tarafdar and Samer Raza. It has been ten years since I’ve written a rap. Last night, though, I was inspired by Lil B and Mike Scarf and I decided to write this, my first rap in a decade. Please let me know what you think.

I hope to record this when I get access to a good microphone. It also needs a hook of some kind. I’ll need to work on that as well.


We’re living in
Hard times
Hard like steel or onyx
Kids are behind in phonics

Draining the Earth
Climate change is upon us.

Crisis drops us,
The rich and poor are
Divided by their wallets,

And the Wal Marts
Replace the town shops
Businesses left with
Nothin’ but empty carts

And all the false starts
Born out of broken dreams
They tried to make it rich
Now rippin’ at the seams,
And all the poor children’s

Desperate and starving screams
Echo out in the dark
Under the broken beams.

We talk about compassion
But we ain’t got no heart,
We’re caught in cold inaction
And don’t know where to start.

We’re caught up in a game of
Meaningless appearance
Under our perfect masks
That’s where all of the fear is.

Pretend that we are fearless
Like we can handle all
Truth is that all that’s clear is
That we are prone to fall.

We try to have a ball
Like junkies that are trippin’
But we’re beat in a brawl
And our control is slippin’

And now we are livid
Though our lives are vivid
We don’t appreciate
The world that we live in.

We even want to give in
And give up on the fight
Snuff out the ray of light
That shines through darkest night.

Our hope is out of sight
Cause we’re lost in depression
Can’t seem to make it right
So we turn to aggression

We’re quick to be frustratin’
So quick to turn to hatin’
Fixatin’ on difference
As if we’re not the same an’

The sky is rainin’
The shadows’ gainin
But we should not throw in
The towel to this game an’
We should not give up
Cause everythin’s amazin’
There’s a burnin’ love
Underneath all the hatin’

And now my hope is gainin’
I’m turning up, stargazin’
Looking far to see
Galaxies through the rainin’

You know the dawn of changin’
Can’t arise from outside
But only from within
Where all our power hides.

Inner strength resides
Under the layers of weakness
Our secret inner prize
Beneath the self-deceivin’.

We gotta be believin’
That we can turn around
Before our lives are leavin’
An’ try to heal the ground.

We gotta make a change
Start with a single problem
And try to rearrange
Til a solution’s gotten

Make an initial difference
To make a better world
And then a new confidence
Will begin to unfurl.

We’ll twist a novel curl
In our coil of fate
And start to stamp out
This legacy of hate

And all this apathy
And all this lack of carin’
Will turn to sympathy
Under the force of darin’

This power that we’re sharin’
Comes when we come together
When we are all aware an’
Combine to make it better.

Change it by the letter
And the words that we use
Transmute the ignorance
And harsh verbal abuse

Into a new truth
That we can all agree on
A message that’s loose
A cause that we can lean on,

And we can get behind
A message about all
That unites us inside
And breaks down all the walls.

And this is what I’m callin’
Out to you all to bring
Out of my hip hop scrawlin’
We need to start to sing.

A word of unity
Is all I have to offer
Out of my empty pockets
That scarcely hold a dollar.

I’m callin out to holler
About what we all can be
When we all work together
As one, in unity.

Though it might sound lil’ cheesy
Maybe that’s what we need
Somethin’ to break through
The mask of apathy.

Cause we ain’t too cool
To build a better place
And we ain’t too cruel
To help the human race

These are hard times
That we livin in’
But it is damn sure
That we ain’t given in.


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