Be Free From All The Claims of Hearts, O Starry Eyed

By Adam J. Pearson

Be free from all the claims of hearts, O Starry Eyed,
Let not the chains of past beloveds bind you,
For that love which entraps is scarcely love at all,
And only that heart’s burning which sets all free is truly worthy of the name–
Forgive me for not loving in so pure a way as this,
Be free from all possessiveness, clinging, and attachment,
Let all of the snares of greedy love drop from you like
The broken bars of a cage that long held the eagle of your heart,
Soar freely over the seas of emotion and through the valleys of bliss,
Glide swiftly through the spaces of the grasping fingers of men,
That part of love that desires only your freedom and happiness,
That alone is love, and the rest, merely its spectral doubles,
Counterfeiters and impostors in the nebulous spaces of the night,
All banished from the vast horizons of the heart,
With the dawning of the light of love.


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