My Love in Pink: A Poem

By Adam J. Pearson

Rushing out the terminal doors,
My heart a frenzied bird,
Stressed, panicked, beating its wings
And then–
A vision of peace,
My love in pink.

Pressured thoughts of bus schedules,
Timed tickets, departures to catch–
Shooting out like lava from a spitting peak
When suddenly, with her–
Silence, calm
Swift, immediate.

Her bright blue eyes,
Flashing looks of love,
Soft cheeks, a lovely smile–
Love welling up within me
Like water from the depths of Earth,
Love and gratitude
As she hands me a bag of food,
Lunch for the long ride home.

An embrace cut short by time,
A kiss too brief,
A sad goodbye, and then–
Through the bus window,
The image of her waving form,
Blowing kisses through the walls between us
As I sign back silent I love yous.

The words of the driver–
“She seems like a fun girl,”
My words back, filtered through a smile,
“That she is,”
My love in pink.


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