Because I Will Die One Day – A Poem

By Adam J. Pearson

Hunger arises and we eat,
Savouring each bite.
Thirst arises and we drink,
Cherishing each drop.

Emotions arise and we embrace them,
Feeling them without resistance.
Thoughts arise and we witness them,
Like children on a train platform,
Watching the boxcars come and go.

Clinging arises and we loosen it with attention,
Letting go, slowly, gently.
Aversion arises and we look upon it with care,
Lovingly seeing why we’re pushing away.

Fear arises and we face it,
Developing courage in the act.
Insecurity arises and we challenge it,
Questioning the assumptions that make us feel unworthy.

Neediness arises and we look to its roots,
Seeing what is in us that becomes so desperate.
Fear of judgment arises and we consider its source,
Tracing it back to fear and insecurity.

Delusion arises and we interrogate it,
Testing the false beliefs that make us suffer.
Breath arises and we are mindful of it,
Resting in the peace it brings.

Life arises and we live it,
Mindful of intuition,
Flowing with what comes,
Escorting what goes,
Treasuring each moment
Against the backdrop of mortality.

Because I will die one day,
This fleeting moment tastes so sweet.


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