On Demonic Possession From Within

By Adam J. Pearson

The demons and monsters of Medieval lore are real. They exist. But they are not out there in the world, they are in us. Demonic possession happens from within; it is our drives that possess us, our compulsions, our feelings, our cravings. The things we personify as demons are, in fact, parts of ourselves.

When we let them take us over, we do things we do not understand. In those moments, we seem to be witnesses in our own lives, watching ourselves doing things without feeling we are doing them or understanding why. Afterwards, we say: “I wasn’t myself when I did those things… it wasn’t me…” We say we feel we were living and acting in a trance, in a dream. When we snap out of the control of the compulsion, we say we feel as though we have “woken up.”

No, demonic possession is not a thing of the past. It still happens today. But the demons that possess us are not supernatural beings, but aspects of our own minds.We cannot cast blame onto them as if they were other than us; we cannot separate them from ourselves, whom we consider ‘innocent.’ We can only become aware of them and how they operate, observe them, and take responsibility for them.


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