The Wit and Wisdom of My Father, John Pearson


On The Recent Evolution of Views of Reality
“Reality has changed greatly in the last 60 years, from actual (sitting around the table listening to aunts and uncles) to fictional (television and media) to virtual (internet social media). Today’s understanding and access to information leads to much individual skepticism. The individual is isolated , yet omnipresent; social interaction is more within the self ; detached, revisionist history is rampant and as easy as the backspace key. Society is quickly removing itself from true reality (Nature) . The norm is interpretative.”


History is Trapped Within Works of Art
“To see the impact of history on human activity, one just has to look at an original work of art. If is a painting, the time of creation is trapped within the work (the period of time it took the artist to create and interpret his or her concept). It also contains the collective accumulation of the artist’s technique up to that point in time as well as his physiological and psychological state of mind as to how he perceives the subject matter and how he perceive its interpretation by others. Beyond these elements, the social dynamics of the time period and the sincerity and conviction of the artist are imprinted on the creation of the work. If one is to view a reproduction or copy of the work , the ‘encapsulated time’ is then void. The subtleties and tremendous content that are present within an original work of art are absent, hence the ease of detecting a fake work of art.”


Adam: “A single word, a single action can sometimes save a life… or destroy it.”

John: “That’s why I am burdened with regrets.”



Dreams are the Mind’s TV
“I believe that dreams are the mind’s TV. Dreams are based on internal fact (memories and experiences) governed by subconscious and conscious desires (concrete, sexual and material) sets and scenes staged by reality in daily life, and, expanding outward from what is around you, the physical (3d), the visual (print, pictorial , internet) , then imaginative. (experienced time, imagined space and interpretive physicality). In short, a dream is a bio-chemical act of defragmentation of the conscious mind’s collected data of the day, interrupted and perceived by periods of wakefulness.”


Sunny Day Above the Rain
“”The sun is shining in the rain like, even if it rains, if you jump high enough, it’s a sunny day, eh!”


Alcohol and Calculus
“Alcohol and calculus don’t mix so don’t drink and derive.”


We Were So Poor Jokes, one of Dad’s Favourite Comedic Genres
“When I was a kid, we were so poor that if we wanted to show some one a family portrait, we had to bring them to the public library, give them a dictionary and tell them to look up the word “Poor” and then if they wanted a print, then they would have to pay for a photocopy.”

Dad, while wise, is a constant joker who hides his wisdom. Plus, he has pretzel vision.


On Questioning and Understanding
“Do question, by all means, but research as well.  Understanding is to question and keep every matter you consider in their true historical context, then analyse and grow from it. This is even more important today, because, as a result of the morphism of contemporary reality from the concrete to virtual, we now believe more in what we see than what we do.”


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