Silently Be, Rest as the One

By Adam J. Pearson

Before a thought arises,
We do not experience separation.

Everything is One,
Given together,
Appearing as One
In the pristine clarity
Of open consciousness.

A thought arises,
And the One appears as the Many,
“This” appears apart from “That,”
“Dog” from “sidewalk,”
“Male” from “female.”

To experience the Oneneness,
Here and now,
Drop the thoughts,
Drop the mental stories,
Drop the “problems,”
And silently,
Just be.

Rest attention on the breath,
Coming in,
Going out,
And simply be.

In this way,
Here and now,
Your human being ,
And All  the myriad things in the vast universe
are One–
And as this One,
You rest.


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