An Ode to Nature’s Liberty – A Poem

By Adam J. Pearson

Aloneness is impossible
When I’m immersed in you,
Through crystal streams, along smooth stones,
You slide and glide to me.
Among the fish, clear-eyed and sleek,
You flow spontaneously.

And in the flashing flares of sun,
I feel your warmth, oh solar one,
You stream down from the golden sphere,
To come to Earth
And meet me here.

It’s you in every leaf
I see
On every bough, in every tree.
You bud in Spring,
You dip in Fall,
You dance in life and death
And all–
And as a leaf,
You ride the breeze,
Among the stormclouds and the squall,
And as you fall,
You come to me–
So free.

In pale moonlight
And distant stars
You twinkle in all that you are,
Your pinpricked light
Glows down on me,
And like a firefly
At sea,
You cast reflections
Like diamond drops of light
And peace,
Dancing above
A Floridan key.

In vast earthquakes,
You call and roar,
In great typhoons,
You fall to shore.
In blizzards strong,
You yell your name,
And all along,
You play the game,
You sing your song,
Of love and hate,
Of All in One,
And choice in fate.

Oh, everywhere
There is your face,
The lion’s movements
Bear your grace,
In every sight,
In every taste,
From the golden palace
To the waste
That tumbles through the streets unchaste
You wander and you waltz
And chase.

I kiss your lips so liquid cool
When I sip water from the pool
That bubbles up from in your deep
Where darkness waits and magma sleeps
And into all of me it seeps
Whether I smile, or laugh, or weep.

And freedom is your siren’s song,
Never to be possessed or owned,
You gather all Nature along
You call it all your perfect home,
And finally, you turn to me,
And whisper quiet, tenderly
The message of the hills and sea,
Just this, and only this–
“Be free.”


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