Alive and free : a poem

by Adam Pearson

i try to be all rough and tough
like silver and steel and iron and ore,
serene like winter waves
that drift and lift
to lap the shore,
but when i see you,
i glow warm,
and i grow weakened
to the core.

under the heat of fond and fleet
new feelings deep
and sweet
and red,
ah! corny kernels,
endless pictures
pop, pop, pop up in my head–
poetic popcorn
in a spread.

Oh! soon,
i’m in a word typhoon
as ocean pictures flood my room
and I’m Ulysses lost at sea,
within the images in me.

and soon they cover us in gold
these shapes of light that now unfold:

your smiles all twinkling galaxies
your voice like music, silk and sweet
your lion’s heart, your downy dreams,
your neon golden diamond beams,
your sapphire hope, your beauty streams,
your emerald care, your passion gleams,
your endless eyes, infinity,
your heaven kisses, tenderly,
your comfort hugs, a pleasure sea,
your refuge arms surrounding me.
we feel it all, alive and free,
together in eternity,
just me and you and you and me.


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