The Light of the Mind

By Adam J. Pearson

How is it that the bright light of the mind,
Which should illuminate those I behold
Like sunlight through tree silhouettes defined,
Now stoops to shadow, shame, to blame and scold?

How quick my mind, to cast a stone and scar,
For when I see error and guilt, by chance,
In others, they seem separated far,
Cut off, as by a cold and vast expanse.

My judgment shatters Oneness into shards,
Once whole, now isolated and alone,
Divided, distant, and all split apart,
Like children lost, afraid, and far from home.

Yet in each moment, I can make a choice,
To judge or to forgive, to Love or blame,
And as I sow decisions through my voice,
So do I reap from them freedom or pain.

For Love does not dissect or subdivide,
Nor does it beat the fallen with new blows.
It seeks not to find flaws or to deride,
But only what is worthy, to expose.

I cannot judge the one I see through Love,
Nor Love the one I push away with blame.
If I push you, I give myself a shove,
For we are One, yes, we are both the same.

Forgiveness offers us a great release
From suffering, separation, and from fear.
It lifts away our pain so it can cease
And warms the heart so it can be made clear.

This seems the best use of the light of mind,
Not to stir up all hatred, hurt, and strife,
But rather Love and peace to rouse and find,
And thus trade death for the wholeness of life.


For more about forgiveness, see “Forgive and Be Free: The Liberating Power of Forgiveness.”

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