Announcing the Launch of the Official Words From the Wind YouTube Channel!

By Adam J. Pearson


Dear friends, I am very excited to announce that the official Words From the Wind YouTube Channel has launched!

On this channel, I intend to do a variety of things. As a high school teacher, I quickly became aware that many people either find it difficult to read text on a page, or prefer to be read to by someone else.  In the medium of blogs, these people tend to be out of luck.  As a result, I decided to launch this YouTube channel as a place to share:

  • readings of poetry featured on Words from the Wind
  • readings of articles
  • informal talks on subjects covered on Words from the Wind
  • conversations between me and others on similar subjects
  • answers to questions sent in by viewers and readers on topics discussed on the blog

I really hope that people will find these videos helpful and that they will make the text of Words from the Wind more accessible to people who otherwise would otherwise struggle to access the written texts.

My first video to start us off is a reading of my poem “A Wildfire Love”:

My second video is a short video talk / poetry recitation of one of my favourite poems from one of my favourite Japanese poets, “The World of Dew” by Kobayashi Issa:

So, I ask you at this point, dear friends:

  • What would you like to see on the channel?
  • Do you have any favourite articles or poems from the blog that you would like to see recordings of?
  • Do you have any questions you’d like me to make videos answering?

I really appreciate your input on this. It’s a totally new adventure and medium for me and I’d love to make it as interactive and collaborative as possible. Ultimately, I would love to see the blog and the channel become a seamless whole with the text reinforcing the videos and the videos reinforcing the text.

Thank you sincerely for all of your love and support. It is a pleasure to share ideas and to grow and learn with you.

Take care,


2 thoughts on “Announcing the Launch of the Official Words From the Wind YouTube Channel!

  1. Adam, I just wanted to say Gratz on your launch and I wish you the best. I’m just now exploring this type of social community (for lack of a better term). I’ve been in recluse mode until a few weeks ago. This is the first I have seen of this medium (YouTube via WordPress) and think its a killer idea. Cheers~

    • Thank you for your kind words and support! I wish you good luck with your own explorations of the possibilities of this social community too. This is a really exciting new medium to play with. I’m excited to see what comes out of it.

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