This Inner Space Untamed

By Adam J. Pearson


When we find strength in the uncertain,
in the threats of risk,
and in the nakedness of our exposure,
true courage blooms,
and a fierce and daring fire
flares up to shine
through darkened depths
that drifted in despair.


A daring honesty now dawns
as we allow the roughness
of our inner edges,
and the dirges of our struggles
to be but perfectly imperfect waves
in the flawless flow of life
that tumbles ever on.


We dare to look within and see
the context of our striving,
the sweeping flow of endless growth
that is the rush of life,
the relentless reaching of expansion
that pushes ever further,
the formless Infinite we are
that dances finite form,
as writhing bodies and emotions,
as newborn cries and dying breaths,
as love and light and dark and death.


And in this inner space untamed,
where wild things are,
and music’s made
where wanting clashes with what is,
where the edges and the cracks and the scars run deep,
where the lamps of languor burn their fragile flames,
here, we find tears that tussle lithe with laughter,
and fears that rise with fortitude
as adult anguish and childhood trauma
blends in exquisite agony and bliss,
and every contour of our inner world
vibrates with aliveness
like a trembling infant,
and warm.


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