Beyond “I Am”

By Adam J. Pearson

What is That
Beyond this and that,
Freedom and bondage,
Two and not-two,
Oneness and multiplicity, 
Center and periphery,
Body and bodilessness,
Mindfulness and mindlessness,
Love and hatred,
Getting and losing,
Form and formless,
Me and you,
Us and them,
Living and nonliving,
Subject and object,
Human and nonhuman,
Sound and silence,
Closure and opening,
Expansion and contraction,
Vision and blindness,
Thought and thoughtlessness,
Similarity and difference,
Presence and absence,
Birth and death,
Time and timelessness,
Consciousness and unconsciousness,
Nothing and everything,
Negation and affirmation,
Love and hatred,
Past and future,
Light and darkness,
Matter and Spirit,
Being and nonbeing,
Becoming and stagnation,
Change and changelessness,
Immanence and transcendence,
Enlightenment and unenlightenment,
Falling asleep and waking up,
Increasing and decreasing,
Processes and representations,
Motion and stillness,
Coming and going,
Grasping and releasing,
Knowledge and ignorance,
Space and spacelessness,
Experience and nonexperience,
Witnessing and missing,
Absolute and relative?
What is That
Beyond “I Am”?


Cover Art:Harvest” by Fiorella Pierobon 

Part of a series of Nonduality:

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