Thoughts That Never Were

By Adam J. Pearson

Every thought about “me”
Speaks to what we are,
But not for what we are.
The storytelling mental process
Tells itself what it’s making up,
In this moment,
That it is, was, or will be,
As stories of the past and future
Draw attention from the Now.

What we are has never spoken
And can never be spoken.
Only what we’re not
Can tell itself tales
About the saga of”me.”

What we are
In silence;
Its communication
is communion.

Even these words fall short.
All they can hope to do
Is silence the speech
By showing
That there is no speaker
And pointing to That
To which the words appear,
Which is prior to the words,
And remains when they are gone
As if they had never been at all,
In truth,
They never were.

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