The Nondualitree

By Adam J. Pearson

endless are the branches of the nondualitree
its leaves are all the things that ever were, are, and will be
its vacuoles are filled with nebulae and history
and its cells contain all planets, every sky and every sea

endless is the vast trunk of the nondualitree
its bark is made of time and space spread out expansively
both life and death are woven into its morphology
and light and dark are unified within its bowery

endless are the meristems of nondualitree
they generate and create all that there could ever be
universes widen when their auxins are unleashed
through the infinite dimensions of shifting geometree

endless are the symbiotes of nondualitree
all living beings converse here ectomycorrhizally
although they may seem separate, they link like roots in a lea
and lifeforce flows between them through exchange, mutually

endless is the sapwood of the nondualitree
its growth expands in cosmic rings of high capacity
drawing from the roots of all, it nourishes each leaf
with the sweet, nutritious sap of the nondualitree

endless is the heartwood of the nondualitree
absolute, it’s shrouded beyond every binary
unseen, it provides structure and supports all that can be
through the force of glue-like lignin in its core of mystery

endless is the vastness of the nondualitree
its leaflets are all things that ever were, are, and will be
its veins are filled with galaxies of bold astronomy
and its tissues connect all as One, yes, even you and me.


Author’s Note:

If you are as nerdy as the author and would like to explore the metaphorical depths of the obscure tree anatomic imagery used in this poem while learning interesting details about trees, feel free to explore this comprehensive Advanced Biology: Tree Anatomy Guide by Professor Kim D. Coder, Professor at the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources.



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