The Ultimate Surrender

By Adam J. Pearson


the ultimate surrender
is to surrender
the surrenderer,

the sense of being
the “me” that claims
the surrendering as its own…

in truth, there is no surrenderer
only the surrendering–
no noun is found, only the verb…

see this clearly for just a moment
and the surrenderer is surrendered
by seeing that there isn’t one,

only thinking repeatedly pointing
to something that isn’t there,
a  thought of “me” pointing to nothing
a signpost leading deep
into a radiant void…

surrendering the search
is seeing that there is no searcher.
and thus, the searching rests
in the stillness
that’s awake to here and now.

what is this radiant no-thing
that’s aware of surrendering
and contraction alike?

what is awake to these words
is what we’ve been searching for,
at once the journey and the destination
of surrender…

whether there is peace or tension,
openness or constriction,
inviting it to be as it is
reveals a lightness around it
and that is the surrendering,
a trusting and a loving of what is.

be bold–
drop the “my” from “my surrender”
and plummet into surrendering
like falling deep in love,
effortless, natural, and free.

surrendering the “me”
is a free-fall into the unknown.

trust the fall completely
as the depths of unfathomable peace,
of loving warmth and radiant ease
blast open the gates of the Heart.

dear friend, these words are nothing
but bright signs to point us Home–
surrender the “me”
and plummet with pure faith
into the vibrant void that cradles all…

you do not fall alone;
“you” and “I” go down together.
freedom in free-fall,
awakeness to awakening,
loving without cause or condition,
wandering in wonder…


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