Laughing Away Our Body Beliefs

By Adam J. Pearson

Today, looking in the mirror,
Old thoughts returned to memory,
Thoughts that used to weigh so heavy
–pun intended–
Thoughts about how the body should “be different”
In order for “me,”
Identified with the body,
To be worthy–

“This nose is too big and the wrong shape,”
“These biceps are too small”
“These pectorals should be bigger,”–
And what happened?
Laughter came pouring out!

What crazy thoughts!
Arguing with reality all day long,
Then getting depressed
That their lie about how “things should be”
Still wasn’t true.
Making problems out of nothing
For nothing!

The laughter poured out
Again and again
Tears streamed down the face
A whole chunk of tension
Relaxed from the body.

How funny that the bodiless,
–formless awareness itself–
Appearing as a body,
Came to think it was only this body,
And then imagined this form
Should be different than it is!

The nose-less, appearing as a body-mind with a nose,
Came to believe the nose should be smaller.
The bicep-less, appearing as a body-mind with muscles,
Came to believe the biceps should be bigger.
The pectoral-less, appearing as a body-mind with pectorals,
Came to believe the pectorals should be bigger.

What a strange belief…
The right size confers worthiness,
The wrong size confers worthlessness,
How could worthiness
Be based on a narrow range of sizes?
It’s absurd!

What we are is sizeless
The vibrant emptiness
That’s awake to this moment,
Appearing as all sizes.

It’s so clear! So, so clear!
It was never any other way!
All sizes are worthy just as they are,
Because what gives them worth
Is the reality that they express,
That lends its worth to them.

How perfect is your body,
That is not ‘yours,’
It is exactly the right size
Because that’s the size it is.

Once, it was much smaller,
as a baby.
Once, it was not here at all.
One day, it will rot in the ground
And return to dust,
Growth is a change of size,
So are contraction and relaxation–
Do we grow from worthlessness
Into worthiness,
Then back into worthlessness?
What a crazy idea!

When we believe these body beliefs,
They feel as real as real can be,
And that’s because we are the reality
That lends its realness to them
And makes them appear to be true.

The body doesn’t know what’s real.
It’s innocent.
It takes its cues from where we put our faith.
If we put it in lies about “how the body should be,”
It gets very scared. It gets sad. It takes them to be true.
It just reacts to what it’s shown.
It’s very innocent.
Like a little girl who doesn’t know better,
So she just believes what her parents say.

Dear bodies, you are all so beautiful,
Just as you are,
Love sees you as you are,
And doesn’t try to change you,
Love flows as you,
And when it wakes up to itself,
It loves the body as it is.

Do you know your body’s perfectly worthy
Of total love, just as it is?
Laugh away your body beliefs,
How heavy they are to hold!
Laughing them away
Is the quickest way
To lose weight.

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